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Didem Gurdur Broo

I promised to update the visualisation of my library yearly and generally I manage to do it at the beginning of the year. This time I am late. But hey, I have a very important job to do, which is going to be surprise for most of you. So watch this space as they say. You may think that I have become lazy during the years, you will regret it 😀

If you look at the library in detail, I think it wouldn’t be so difficult to understand what kind of a surprise I am going to share with you soon. If you get it, send me a message/e-mail. I really want to see who is paying attention to this library! 😀 Ahahahahah!

After updating the database, I was expecting to see that I read less books in 2021. But apparently I did not. I have read 79 books in 2021. Don’t ask me how, even I do not know how this happened this time. We moved to a new country, new workplace, new project and etc. I did not pay too much attention to how many books I was reading. I think, working from home for the most of the year and walking every day for an hour made a difference. I may also bought some books unconsciously (whatever that means :)). We discovered a bookshop in Palo Alto which has great collections and I went crazy for a few times. Since my lovely wife is very good on putting her foot down, we ended up filling the place with books again. She is not any better than me by the way. Then, every time we travelled around, I bought books and had to read them before ordering new ones. These are the only explanations I have for 79 books, really.

Here is the updated infographics:


If you do not know what this library project is about, you should check my earlier posts below.