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Didem Gurdur Broo

I am having a vacation this week. The plan is to study little Japanese, read books and take care of the summer house. Then one thinks, why not writing a blog post also.

You know, I decided to read a book per week for 2019. I knew that it was not an easy task but let me tell the last thing first, it is not that difficult. You just manage your time by prioritizing reading first. As a result, sometimes, I walk longer to listen one more chapter of the book. Or instead of doing something else prefer to stay home and read. I have spent some money to buy books in different forms and that is an expense to be honest. Other than these few rules and cost, I do not see any difficulty. It is manageble, I am sure I will fulfill my goal.

If you also want to read more but do not know how just let me know, I have tried different methods which could be helpful.

I was planing to write this post at the end of the year but in the meantime, I talk with friends and give some recommendations about interesting books. I thought there is no need to wait till the end of the year and it can be easier to give this link to people 🙂

I will instead update this post and add the final list. I am also planing to add a quote from each to show what I liked most about that book.

If you wonder how my ”reading one book per week” project went, you should read this post and see the full list!

Here is the first 27 books of the year: