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Didem Gurdur Broo

I have just arrived back to Stockholm after a week long vacation in Iceland. It was an amazing experience in so many different ways. We travelled around Iceland in 7 days and took photos at sea, at land and from above. Still, none of them can describe the beauty of the nature in this land.

This is the route we took:

It was an unbelivable journey and this time I managed to fullfill two dreams of mine. First one was the chance to visit Iceland. I read, watched, dreamed about this country. It was the love to Iceland which made me to apply for a PhD position in Sweden. I wondered about cities, towns, people, the ocean, black sandy beaches for so long. I cannot even describe you. It was handy to know a lot about vikings when travelling in Iceland and the culture politics and governance in modern Iceland is just inspiring. Certainly, I turned home with some more books, even though we tried really hard to do not buy a lot.

And when it comes to my second dream – having a chance to see a whale. Everyone who knows me even a tiny bit also knows how much I am in love with whales. It is my childhood obsession and I am not hiding it. I learned to dive because of the whales and ended up being a divemaster. I have a tattoo of a humpack whale on my left leg. I watched every documentary who did not even focused on but mentioned information about whales. One of my first drawings of a whale was from a 3x3cm whale photo from an encyclopaedia. (It requires a real love to to that, I promise :D.) I learned even the latin names of my favourite whales when I was just a child and bored everyone around me with information about how incredible the whales are.

My favourite whale is the blue whale. It reminds me that the world is a beautiful place and proves that the big fish do not always eat the small one. When we took the boat to see the whales in Iceland, I was not sure what would I do if we see one. Thankfully, I acted like a mature grown up instead of a crazy child 🙂 My wife said that she was proud of me since I did not jumped to the ocean to swim after the whale. So that was a day to remember, the day when I saw my first whale alive there in the water just next to me and shared same air with her. I tried to take some photos but I was not really successful. I do not even care about it. I saw a humpback whale in Iceland! That is what matters!

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