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Didem Gurdur Broo

My dear friend Chara Makri and I started to work on this article and a few months later, I announced to her that we are pregnant. I was having morning sickness throughout the day. Johanna was finding me sleeping wherever I sat at that time 🙂 I had to give heads-up to Chara. This was not going to be as easy as we thought! She said: “Don’t worry, take your time. We are doing this because we wanted to do something together not because we must publish.”

I was relieved…

She promised to work on the article while I rested and completed the analyses that we started. We decided to meet again when I feel better. When we scheduled our next meeting I was just at the end of the first trimester.


Wait for it!!!

Now, it was time for Chara to make an announcement. They were pregnant too!! 😀

I was extremely happy that we were going to share this together in our little weird way. I gave her all the information about my experience and assured her that it would pass. I promised to continue to work on the article where she left because finally, I was feeling better now. We continued to meet and share our progress.

It was so exciting, this whole process. Whenever I had to rest she took over and when she needed I did the same. We finalized the article just when Ioanna was 2 months old and Idun was 4. So we added the best acknowledgment one can have in any scientific article. Sorry, all the proofreaders, PIs, funding agencies, and all! You can never compete with babies 😀

The article is called “Human-in-Loop Decision-Making and Autonomy: Lessons Learnt from the Aviation Industry Transferred to Cyber-Physical Systems”

You can check it from this link below: