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Didem Gurdur Broo

Upcoming week will be super duper busy but also so much fun!

I am going to attend to the 51st CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CIRP CMS 2018) and also lead ICT Lab on VR Sci Fest 2018 at KTH.

Firstly, I will start with briefly describing the study I am going to present at CIRP CMS 2018. So few months ago, as part of a project, I had the opportunity to write a paper together with Ericsson Cognitive Automation Lab from Stockholm and Intelligent Autonomous Systems Lab from India. The article focuses on knowledge representation in a complex logistics use case, which is part of SCOTT – Secure Connected Trustable Things project that we are taking part.

SCOTT aims to provide comprehensive cost-efficient solutions of wireless, end-to-end secure, trustworthy connectivity and interoperability to the Internet of Things. Our specific use case is on a fully automated warehouse use case, where different type of robots collaborate to fulfill logistics related tasks.

My research aims to develop methods and tools for monitoring the key performance indicators of this cyber-physical system. The first step of the study was discussed here in detail. This new study is called “Knowledge Representation of Cyber-physical Systems for Monitoring Purpose”. I copied below the abstract of our paper:

“Automated warehouses, as a form of cyber-physical systems (CPSs), require several components to work collaboratively to address the common business objectives of complex logistics systems. During the collaborative operations, a number of key performance indicators (KPI) can be monitored to understand the proficiency of the warehouse and control the operations and decisions. It is possible to drive and monitor these KPIs by looking at both the state of the warehouse components and the operations carried out by them. Therefore, it is necessary to represent this knowledge in an explicit and formally-specified data model and provide automated methods to derive the KPIs from the representation. In this paper, we implement a minimalistic data model for a subset of warehouse resources using linked data in order to monitor a few KPIs, namely sustainability, safety and performance. The applicability of the approach and the data model is illustrated through a use case. We demonstrate that it is possible to develop minimalistic data models through Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) resource shapes which enables compatibility with the declarative and procedural knowledge of automated warehouse agents specified in PDDL (Planning Domain Definition Language).”

I am sure it will be available in short time after the conference but if anyone is interested, why not show up during the CIRP CMS 2018 and listen my talk. Otherwise, you can always drop me an e-mail and get the manuscript. The thing is, it is never as fun as listening an enthusiast giving a talk about their research, isn’t it?

Now, let me talk about this wonderful thing that I am part of, which is called VR Sci Fest. This year it is happening 2nd time between 18 and 20 of May in Stockholm. We called it as “The second edition of the international festival dedicated to immersive technology in Science and Art”. You can find more information about the festival from this link. You do not need me to tell you what it is but what you need to know which only I can tell is why I got involved with the initiative and why do I think that it is a wonderful event that you should not miss.


I got associated with the VR Sci Fest team after becoming acquainted with several people who were already involved with it. The commonality was the beautiful discussions that I had with them. These two young PhDs who agreed with me on very fundamental worldviews on technology, on sustainability, on academia and more. You know the feeling when you meet with some people you know that it is meant to do things together and you do things together so easily, nearly effortlessly and they turn out to be life-changing things. That was the feeling I had when I join them.

They are young, open-minded and brave to criticise existing slow, old, unconcerned, careless mechanisms, not in one but many disciplines. There are people from media, transportation, health, information and communication technologies, architecture and so on. When we met we discussed everything and anything with people that I just met but felt that I knew them for very long time. If I know anything about this life, this kind of a relationship is priceless. (I will not even mention that it is probably the only team that I have ever belonged where women are not the minority)

So,  if you are in Stockholm next week, you should not miss this opportunity to meet the team and experience world with a different eye. Not like having a VR glass on kind of an eye, more than that. Having an eye-opening discussions on immersive technologies with extraordinary young people kind of an eye!

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